Syracuse, New York Chapter


The ACM – A Brief History

ACM is a major force in advancing the skills of information technology professionals and students. ACM serves its global membership by delivering cutting edge technical information and transferring ideas from theory to practice. ACM, with its world-class journals and magazines, dynamic special interest groups, numerous conferences, workshops, and electronic forums, is a primary resource to the Information Technology field.

Founded in 1947, the Association for Computing Machinery is the largest and oldest international scientific and educational computer society. ACM is a constitution-based not-for-profit corporation. It has 75,000 members and over 500 professional and student chapters. Visit the National ACM home page at

Organized only a year after the unveiling of the ENIAC, the first general purpose electronic computer, ACM was established by mathematicians and electrical engineers to advance the science and application of information technology. Since its inception, ACM has provided its members and the community a forum for the sharing of knowledge on developments and achievements necessary to the fruitful interchange of ideas. ACM began its 50th year in Philadelphia, the birthplace of modern computing, February 14, 1996 with the 50th anniversary of the ENIAC and culminated its celebration in San Jose in Silicon Valley this past March.

About the Syracuse Chapter

The Syracuse Chapter was founded in 1957. We are active partners in the computing industry for over 40 years. The mission of the Chapter is to promote technical awareness and professionalism in the computing community of central New York. Syracuse ACM sponsors monthly meetings from September through June and holds professional development seminars in the spring and fall. The Chapter annually awards a scholarship to and undergraduate studying computing in a Bachelor’s degree program and one to a student working toward an Associate’s degree. The Chapter also participates in the Scholastic science fair at MOST and is a charter sponsor of the Central New York Computer Professional of the Year Award. Several of the more than twenty award recipients are active in the Chapter.

Membership in the Syracuse Chapter is open to both professionals and students and is not dependent upon membership in the parent Association. Membership provides receipt of, free attendance at monthly meetings, discounts on dinners at monthly meetings, and discounts for Chapter sponsored seminars, and eMail notification of Monthly meeting.